Out on the web, and on the ground !

Armin 450th Asot Wroclaw mix is ready :)

There is 2 hours of great music, and now you can remember or feel the great ambiance & lights of this show ! After quite a lot of hours of editing & so on, this is !

  • You can get it in your mail box, for your HD player / Computer or DVD player :

All you have to do is to send to me whatever you like (Postcard, Draw, Picture... ), and I will send you back a DVD (please state if you want to play on Blu-ray or DVD player).

Just send a message to get my postal address : ocal586@gmail.com

  • You can watch it on youtube :


  • You can download it here :
Here for your HD Player (Blu-ray, PS3, Popcorn, Computer...) [1920*1080@60I 4.4 GB]

  • You want more informations ? Thanks !

To see to who is each picture, or how edit work look like on a table, watch here

Videos and pictures are thanks to :

10113037 92061810559 Adriano7pro Aferka69 B4r7a5 Beetroot86 Buler84 Djexin DomManiac Fuse_1 Gosia87777 GrubyIsd Grucia23 HamerOnly K3TubePL KazMax Ksq85 Marcinek1008 Marekwaw88 ocal5 Perypetia Prmx89 Sajtkibrothers Szwarcu001 TheMpMiSTRzu (From people or Youtube)

Editing : 

ocal5 (Alban Octave)

This edit cannot be sell, or rent.
Songs, and pictures are from their authors.
Names have to be display in any reproduction.
Don't hesitate to spread that ;-)


Not that far from the end


Done :
- Synchronisation of various videos (friendly uploaded on my FTP, or even by post letter !)
- Edit of 2 hours of AvB'mix (about 25 cameras)

To be Done :
- "Fixation" of the second half of video edits (that mean : watch & correct what is obvious) (1 day)
- To fill blank parts of mix (there is about 5 min of mix where I was unable to find any videos...) with pictures.
- Titles (should take 1h only, after this written !)
- Maybe, audio remix since radio record is heavy compressed (I guess it was broadcast with something like MP2 192kbit/s) (2 days ?)
- Choose of "distribution" : Blu-ray (2.5 EUR), HD on 2 DVD (0.50 EUR), DVD-Video (0.25 EUR), of course, everybody will be able to download it from an high speed FTP, or just watch it online. About physical medias, I don't plan to make any money from that (or what ever), so I have to check how much could it costs to send them. I also have to check about frequency, since project is 60i, because i'm not sure theses new hdtv sets sold in EU are able to display 60i. No reason why not, but sometimes EU equipements are limited.

If nothing goes wrong (in project and in my litle life), we can expect an "in street" date of 1st September.

I will try to find public pictures of wroclaw AvB mix, but please don't hesitate to send me yours ! E-mail is ocal586@gmail.com



I've now done 1h30 of edited video, there is still some missing parts and 30" of edit to see the end.
I've been helped by few people about this, thanks a lot (Fuze1, TheMpMiSTRzu, Emkus, KazMax...), and I really hope that at least you will enjoy all of that.

In about a month it should be done :)

Extract : Not going home


6 Mornings, real edits :)

And this is what it gives :

That's still a draft (of 30" minutes edited), by watching it I was able to see a lot of mistakes (somes are stupid, somes are just not looking like I was expecting)

I've put this online in order to get new videos for the few missing parts (not in 30st minutes), and advices in comments.

My best,

PS : Oh, yeah, quality here is REALLY bad. You have to expect something good for HD TV sets at the end ;-)


5 mornings...

and still (highly) motivated :)


3 Mornings

After 2 mornings with a 15" lcd screen, an 16" wide screen was welcome :)


Armin - Status 1

After two mornings of synchronisations...

Looks like easy isn'it ? Just try so to be 1-2 frame accurate inside a 2 hours audio clip (with a camera sound who is often doing "boom schrrr boom schrrr boom...")
A least, I still enjoy to see pictures and listen to this set :-)